During my graduate studies in creative writing, I learned so many beneficial, informative, and inspirational ideas and tips that I want to share with others.  Hence, the birth of Solitary Spark.

The idea is simple: it takes one single idea, one solitary spark, to inspire one of those worlds that readers such as you and I dive into so fully we rarely come up for air.  One spark can inspire.  One spark can become a bestseller.  One spark can become a studied timeless classic.

When I'm not working or writing, I'm reading.  I read many different genres, but I have always gravitated toward paranormal works.  My favorite authors include John Grisham, Anne Rice, James Patterson, and Stephen King.  Of course, my kindle has opened up a whole new world of authors I'd never read.  I don't hesitate to give an unknown author a try.  Who knows?  That may be me one day and I only hope readers will give my work a chance.

Enjoy your stay.  Read.  Comment.  Ask to guest post.  Most of all, take away something to improve your writing.  Even if it's just the most important advice of all.... WRITE!


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